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Source: Tony Jansen, Kastom Gaden programme, Honiara, Solomon Islands.



LOCATION: Noumea, New Caledonia.

CLOSING DATE: 31-Aug-2001

DETAILS: (Reference:SPC 01/10) The Aquaculture Adviser will manage the new
SPC aquaculture programme.

The broad aim of SPC in this initiative is not to set up just another
Pacific Island aquaculture development project, but to provide support and
information to governments, investment authorities and the private sector in
planning aquaculture activities that are both economically and
environmentally sustainable - information to enable the assessment
of  realistic prospects, to avoid the pitfalls of the past, and to take into
account the experiences of other island countries.

The Aquaculture Adviser will manage the work program of the Aquaculture
Section and will be responsible directly to the Director of Marine Resources
but will also maintain close working relationships with other organisations
collaborating in the Pacific Islands Regional Aquaculture Strategy and other
SPC Coastal Fisheries Sections.

The post requires a self-starter with considerable initiative, accustomed to
working in new situations in new countries and comfortable collaborating
with people from all levels of Pacific Island society, from the community to
the senior government level.

QUALIFICATIONS: Essential - A University postgraduate or equivalent
qualification in a field relevant to aquaculture

At least 8 years employment in fields relevant to Pacific Island aquaculture
practice and policy

Experience in the validation and design of major projects

Experience in working with Pacific Island private sector and government
staff at all levels; Evident willingness to travel and undertake overseas
assignments in SPC member countries

Experience in reporting against project work plans, and managing project

Desirable - Experience of working in a Pacific Island fisheries department

English and French are the two official languages of the organisation.
Ability to speak one or more of the Pacific Island region's approximately
1110 languages will also be taken into account.

APPLICATIONS: Applications should be addressed to the Director General,
Secretariat of the Pacific Community, P.O. Box D5, Noumea Cedex, New
Caledonia, to arrive by 31 August 2001.

Applicants should provide full personal details, describe their
qualifications and experience, and explain how these suit them for the
specific requirements of the advertised position. Relevant previous
appointments, present position and salary, and the names and addresses
(including telephone, fax, e-mail contacts) of three referees should also be
provided. Testimonials may be provided with the application, but are not
considered a substitute for confidential referee's reports, which will be
commissioned directly by SPC.

Applications may alternatively, or additionally, be submitted by email to
spc at spc.int, preferably in plain text or Rich Text Format (RTF).

PO Box 6039 South Lismore NSW Australia 2480
pacedge at magna.com.au

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