portable A-frame

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Fri Aug 17 04:16:40 EDT 2001

I don't even worry about nails and timber, let alone hammers, drills or 
such-like. An A-frame can be as complex or simple to build as you like - 
I build one using a few long sticks or bamboo bits and string to tie them 
& hold the frame together then work out the level mark as per Naomi's 
instructions. A basic working A-frame can be simply made in about 5 
minutes with no skill other than basic bamboo tying techniques. It means 
if you've got string in your pocket you can make one anywhere provided 
there some long sticks and a rock around.
A German friend working with GTZ in Haiti marked and direct seed 5km of 
contour planting a day with an A-frame & three people: 1 using the 
A-frame, one chipping the furrow and the other sowing the seed.

>To calibrate the A frame (ie to make sure it measure a contour accurately,)
>you place the A frame on any fairly even surface and mark the spot on the
>horizontal bar of the A where the string hangs down. Then carefully turn the
>A frame to the opposite side, using exactly the same marks on the ground to
>put the A onto, and again mark the spot where the string hangs down on the
>horizontal bar.
>You now have two marks, one on each side of the bar. The point exactly in
>the middle is the one to clearly label. Now when you use the A frame, you
>know that it is level when the string hangs down at this mark.

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