portable A-frame

Ute Bohnsack sustag at eircom.net
Thu Aug 16 07:50:05 EDT 2001

Hi Naomi,
Interesting stuff. Could you perhaps upload the pic to
http://metalab.unc.edu/permaculture-online/upload-docs.html ?
Many thanks,

Naomi & Rick Coleman wrote:
> This may sound complex but actually it is so much easier than conventional
> systems because you dont have to build a precisely measured, perfectly
> straight frame, you can use old scraps of timber and be totally unskilled at
> building and still have an accurate measure.
> I can email a photo of us using such a frame on the slopes of Ecuador if
> anyone is interested.
> Good luck,
> Naomi Coleman
> Southern Cross Permaculture Institute
> Victoria, Australia

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