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A case in West Lafayette, IN I know 10 years ago of city lot in "professorville" near
university where a woman was allowing her yard/landscape to become more natural.
Neighbors complained and I believe were using the county officials, etc to file
complaints-argument was decreased property values. The woman approached a friend in
the Forestry Dept and I believe was able to get her place certified as a nature
preserve or something to that effect. Anyway, she used the "system" to her advantage
and she is still living there and her place is just as natural looking today so it
must have worked.

Perhaps looking into your county, state, or country opportunities on things such as
certified forest, nature preserves, conservation easements, etc may help provide a
legal shield from the chem-lawn lovers.


permed at nor.com.au wrote:

> >I just became aware of someone who is being sued (in the state of
> >Tennessee)
> >by her neighbors for "devaluation of their land" because this person has
> >developed an "edible landscape" on her property.
> This is incredible - there was a case in the early '90's of a front yard
> food forest in suburban Brisbane, the owner arrived home one day to find
> council had been in with a bulldozer and completely cleared it away - the
> neighbours had complained to Council that 'you can't see the house from
> the street & it may be harbouring vermin'!
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