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Graham Burnett gb0063551 at cableinet.co.uk
Mon Aug 13 05:36:08 EDT 2001



In the centre of the spiral is a rosemary, moving down are a couple of thymes
(barely visible in the pic, which was taken a couple of months ago now, but now
they are spreading all over the top, then an oregano (tiny in the pic, now much
bigger), a lavender, some salad onions, bronze fennel, sorrel (on the east side,
out of sight in the pic), Welsh onions (perennial), chives, tree onions (or walking
onions as they are also known), chamomile (low growing so you can't see it), a
poppy which arrived by itself, more tree onions, ice plant, another perennial onion
(forgotten what it's called- it's got rust in the pic and has since been removed),
lemon balm (in the pot), another tree onion, mint (in the next pot- another tree
onion also sneaked in!). At the bottom is a low growing spreading weed, we arn't
sure what it is but it looks nice, we will be removing it and replacing it with
pennyroyal, which has a similar creeping habit. marigolds are growing all over the
place. In the pond is water mint and some other pond plants and oxygenators which
we've taken from our main pond.

Since the pic was taken we've added lemon basil and sage. In the 2 months since
then it has done really well, you can't see any bare soil at all now. as I
mentioned before, it isn't low maintainance- weeds need to be continually removed
(the soil we used wasn't exactly sterile- it was a pile which had previously been
sitting around just looking unsightly which had been removed after a paved area had
been created elsewhere in the garden and in the hot weather takes alot of watering
(though this should reduce as it becomes more established), however both of these
activities are beneficial and therapuetic to our service users, and it's nice to
have them concentrated in a small, compact space where you can see visible results
after about 20 minutes work, rather than some of our larger beds. I'm not sure if
the different microclimates thing works, though obviously the top stays drier, it
all seems to get pretty full sun at different times of the day! Still who cares, we
like it anyway, and it certainly yields a selection of herbs and saladings which we
can add to our lunchtime sandwiches, even if not the entire centre (which caters
for 130 people!!),

Cheers for now,

Graham Burnett
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