field mice (was: Re: [Fwd: help, taking care of the earth is becoming illegal!]

georg parlow georg at
Sat Aug 11 06:20:13 EDT 2001

> exotic cats if it weren't for my compost heap.  Are field mice vermin

depends. in the dry summer of 1994 that followed a warm winter the east of
austria lost 60% (!) of its field crops to field mice. when i walked the 50
meters to my garden patch at the time, between 10 and 20 mice crossed my
path less than 1 meter away. mayn a neighbouring gardener had 90% losses and
more, cats only lazily looked at mice playing in front of them less than
half a meter away... in 1994 field mice where vermin - but than again
anything becomes a problem if it gets disproportionally out of hand.

i think europe is a bit advantaged in the question of natural vegetation and
lowly tended gardens, for here you find in many a public park "natural
corners" that are mown only once a year, contain dead wood, rockpiles etc -
and planting only natives in your garden is most trendy for more than 10
years now.


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