[Fwd: help, taking care of the earth is becoming illegal!]

Martin Grosskopf martin-g at iafrica.com
Sat Aug 11 02:22:06 EDT 2001

Georg Parlow forwarded (didn't get the original):

>> I just became aware of someone who is being sued (in the state of
>> Tennessee)
>> by her neighbors for "devaluation of their land" because this person has
>> developed an "edible landscape" on her property

>america, land of freedom and personal rights....

>a shocked

I assume this is a suburban property.  Well, I have recently been contacted
by someone with a different but similar problem.  She owns sectional title
in a group-housing complex here in Pretoria, South Africa.  The Body
Corporate gave her a deadline until this last Friday to clear her land of
natural indigenous vegetation because they claim it to be a fire hazard.
However, the fact is that alien species are far more dangerous in the event
of a fire as the fire is hotter.  But the underlying reaon for the complaint
is aesthetic.  There are two things people don't like in their distorted
modernist idea of beauty: food and natural vegetation.  They think natural
vegetation is 'unkempt', and food is 'cabbage patch'.   How do we change
this perception?

And my neighbour cannot stand my compost heap.  He says rats breed in the
newly added twigs which have not yet been compacted.  Actually they are
indigenous field mice, who would not have had shelter from his maurauding
exotic cats if it weren't for my compost heap.  Are field mice vermin?  I
know at Crystal Waters cats and dogs are more likely to be considered


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