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07.08.2001 03:08:00, 1earth permaculture <permaculture1 at> a écrit:

>Robyn says:
>>>What propaganda have you been reading?
>The stuff that's coming out of Monsanto is really incredible - they
>are 'based on science' so they say, and we organic growers "have yet
>to come up with any convincing arguments why Roundup or Roundup Ready
>shouldn't be widely used" (their words, obviously not mine).

Remember that Monsanto has been (and is may be still) a large marketer (producer -inventor?)
of the following famous products:

Agent Orange

it would be quite interesting to see the original scientifical argumentations for the innocuity of these products.
By today these have shown to be big sources of pollution and are mostly prohibited and known as hazardous
In the light of this; i would show a severe doubt on the value of the commercial argumentations of such companies with such a background.

Remember that « science is the art of oversimplification » as quoted by some wise man.


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