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A Design Workshop for Women on
Self-Reliant Living
September 7-9, 2001
Pragtri Farm Arlington, Washington

Permaculture is a whole systems method of design that offers 
guidelines for ways we can create a more permanent culture by 
conserving resources in all aspects of living.  By considering the 
'big picture' of thoughtful integration of land, water, plants, 
people, animals, shelter, technologies and community, productive 
self-reliant environments evolve.
The purpose of this workshop is to create a comfortable, supportive 
environment for women to learn Permaculture philosophy, principles, 
strategies, and sample techniques.

During this workshop, we will concentrate on practical examples of 
how to design efficient, productive, and beautiful surroundings. 
There will be a special focus on grey water systems and 
multi-functional hedgerows.

Location: Pragtri Farm is a 20 acre land trust in the foot hills of 
the North Cascades.  There are woodlands, pastures, a pond, orchard, 
and gardens.

Topics included:

o Observation skills and site analysis
o Natural cycles and pattern recognition
o Plant identification
o Water harvesting
o Soil building
o Edible landscaping, organic gardening, and tools
o Animal husbandry
o Tree crops and sustainable forestry
o Appropriate technology and housing
o Urban strategies
o Economics
o Community networking

"One of the most informative three days I've spent anywhere." Marian Gleason

Instructor: Jude Hobbs
Since 1982, through her business, Cascadia Landscape Design, Jude has 
offered environmental design solutions for urban and rural settings. 
As a designer,  horticulturist, and instructor, her focus is on soil 
building, water harvesting and selecting the right plants for the 
right place.  Jude has authored a Guide to Multi-functional Hedgerows.
She tends a forest garden in Eugene, Or.

Fee:   $140.
This includes instruction, handouts, camping, and food. Limited work 
trades available.


Enclosed is my tuition    $______________

Name______________________e-mail: ______________Phone #:______________


Please make checks payable to: Jude Hobbs
1161 Lincoln    Eugene, Oregon   97401
For more information: (541) 342-1160  or hobbsj at

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