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Mon Aug 6 11:48:07 EDT 2001

Robyn says:
>>What propaganda have you been reading?

The stuff that's coming out of Monsanto is really incredible - they
are 'based on science' so they say, and we organic growers "have yet
to come up with any convincing arguments why Roundup or Roundup Ready
shouldn't be widely used" (their words, obviously not mine).

Check out: for the
'scientists' view of Roundup and the Roundup Ready range - The site used to feature pages of scientific arguments
against the more common concerns that have been expressed, though this
Monstano page has some of the 'propaganda':

Listening to Radio National Rural Program last night, they had the
scientists and head of the Australian Government's Task Force into GE
saying that organic growers have yet to come up with a convincing
argument against GE of food crop and that indeed some organic growers
are already using GE seeds in the belief that it DECREASES usage of
the herbicide, pesticide, fungicide spiral.

Here's hoping that permaculture and indeed the whole "humanist"
movement sorts out the infighting and internal politics quickly -
there are some major battle lines forming that will require a unified
(dare I say 'global') voice.

Marcus Webb

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