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Scott Pittman pci at permaculture-inst.org
Fri Aug 3 20:28:26 EDT 2001

>Hi Russ,

You might try <mollisoninusa at aol.com> which is the address they used last 
year in the U.S.

Scott Pittman

>Hi Toby and other participants in this discussion...
>Yes, your friends in Oz are considering an objection through Permaculture
>The current status is that people are identifying what should go into an
>Judging from statements made through the permaculture-oceania liseserv,
>there appars to be support for lodging an objection to he trademark
>In a related move, seeking to clarify the issue and the motivation of the
>Permaculture Institute in Tasmania, I sent an email to the Institute
>addressed to Bill or Lisa. This was sent in my role as editor of the
>Permaculture International newsletter with a view to publishing Bill and
>Lisa's response.
>The email contained a number of questions relating to the trademarking
>issue. A person from the Institute emailed back to let me know that Bill and
>Lisa are presently out of the country and that they would bring the email to
>their attention upon their return. Hopefully, we will be able to place the
>reply  on the PIL website and a version of it in the print newsletter.
>Russ Grayson
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