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>Toby Hemenway wrote:
>>  >Does it decompose
>> > into inert chemicals as touted by Monsanto?
>> Under perfect laboratory conditions, it decomposes into inert chemicals in a
>> few days to weeks. In the field, it takes much longer (a half-life of over
>> 100 days), and in water, especially buried in river sediments, it can take
>> many years to decompose.

>Depends on the field - 100 days in soil with low organic matter - much quicker in soil
>with high organic content. Otherwise there's a lot of farmers who couldn't undertake
>minimum tillage.  .

...... otherwise there are a lot of farmers who couldn't undertake
minimum tillage because they are too lazy or stupid or greedy or
any/all of the above.
...... Roundup is _required_ to do minimum tillage? Absurd.
What propaganda have you been reading?

>We should not jump to conclusions about the safety and hazard of Round up based upon
>reports from Columbia - who knows what those idiots from Air Amerika are mixing in
>with it.

The safety and hazards of using Roundup are already widely known;
noone needs the smoke screen of a faked-up drug war campaign of abuse
on the underprivileged in a foreign country to draw any conclusions or
assumptions about pesticide use. 

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