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>> What exactly is Roundup?
>There's a very good PDF file on Roundup at
>Scroll down to "pesticide fact sheets" and look under "glyphosate," the
>generic name for Roundup. If you can't deal with PDFs, let me know and I'll
>copy the text into an email.

See also a roundup.faq here - lots of additional info + testimonies
+ reports:
more in:

> >Does it decompose
>> into inert chemicals as touted by Monsanto?
>Under perfect laboratory conditions, it decomposes into inert chemicals in a
>few days to 

months if not years depending on application rate
conrinued, regular application around trees can kill them

>In the field, it takes much longer (a half-life of over

>100 days), and in water, especially buried in river sediments, it can take
>many years to decompose. Roundup's public image as "nearly harmless" is a
>tribute to the genius of Monsanto's marketing department. They've done a
>brilliant job of ignoring any data they don't like, doing just the right
>tests, and telling the public what they want to hear. For a while they were
>calling Roundup "environmentally friendly" until FDA made them stop.
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