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>>................... It also doesn't speak to learning styles.
>>If we'd been locked into a single curriculum, the marvelous innovations in
>>how the material is presented--which to me are at least as significant as
>>the material itself--might not have evolved. A curriculum checklist could
>>fossilize permaculture. Much of the ecology taught in Pc courses is already
>>outmoded, dating from the 1970s: the stability of nature, "everything is
>>connected to everything else," and much more. It needs to evolve.

These (and other) issues are some of the motivating concerns behind calling a Permaculture Teachers Forum (Oct 19 at Djanbung Gardens) and I think also highlights a key function of our Designers Convergences - to share our stuff and move forward collectively. While lists like this and the web are fantastic communication tools (and we're just beginning to scratch the surface of their potential), nothing can replace the incredible dynamic that happens with a physical coming together and the immediacy of interaction/reponse, the volumes of stuff we can move through and feed of each others ideas & experience, thrash out issues and come to agreements. 
That's why many professional associations have a points system to encourage people to keep abreast of changes, new information & techniques through conferences, seminars, courses etc 

*****  Taking Pc into the 21st Century  *****
Permaculture Gathering 2001
19-21st October at Djanbung Gardens
Culture, like nature, is a dynamic system constantly changing and adapting to change.  A small change in one element or the introduction of a new element triggers a readjustment of relationships within the system. It¹s this ability to adapt appropriately to change that ultimately detirmines sustainability.
Permaculture is no exception and the purpose of this gathering and teachers forum is to provide an opportunity to come together to clarify the changes we need to deal with and explore our options for moving forward.

Permaculture Teachers Forum 
Friday Oct 19
-  Explore ways in which permaculture education can better meet the needs of contemporary society & education methodologies
-  Update and integrate the cumulative experience of applied pc work around the world together with new information arising from eco-biological & social sciences, design & technology
-   Address isues around economic sustainability for Pc teachers & promotional strategies
-   Clarify matters relating to Pc Institute, teacher registration, curricula and certification
-   Opportunities through mainstream accreditation

Permaculture Practitioners Gathering
Oct. Sat 20th & Sun 21st
-   Catch up on the movement & share what we are doing as Pc practitioners
-   follow up discussions and outcomes from the 2000 Gathering 
-   develop strategies to take us forward as a movement and address the fragmentation 
-   assess the function of PIL as a national Pc body and ways it can meet the needs of the movement (national & international)
-   discuss role, nature & frequency of future meetings, gatherings, convergences 
A time will be allocated to  present your work/portfolio for diploma application for endorsement by other designers present.

Registration Details

Registration fee:
Costs have been kept as low as possible - i.e. no frills....
-  Single day $30/$25 conc
-  2 days only $55/45
-  all 3 days $75/60
Saturday nite Banquet $16.50
Registration fee covers admin & venue costs and includes basic hot drinks (tea, coffee, herbals)

FOOD: Djanbung Canteen will be open with delicious organic food and rediculously low prices - LETS accepted.  BBQ facility available (incl. dedicated veg plate).

Arrange your own - camping grounds, backpackers, lodge & motels in & near Nimbin
At Djanbung Gardens we have limited bunks available with kitchen/shower facilities.
For those on an absolute shoe string we can offer camping sites but no shower or kitchen facilities.

any queries contact 

Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre
home to: 
Permaculture Education
ERDA Institute Trust
Nimbin Eco-Village Project Office
Robyn Francis - permaculture designer & educator
PO Box 379, Nimbin NSW 2480 Australia
Ph 02-6689 1755 Fax 02-6689 1225
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