vinca and kudzu

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Thu Sep 28 16:53:34 EDT 2000

>What is a Japanese trackhoe?
A tracked excavator
>Kudzu makes excellent animal feed.
and tempura batter- the best!
>>Anybody got any ideas on how to deal with Vinca minor (periwinkle) ? =
>Easily removed through proper mulching. Try covering areas of it with
>these silver-colored plastic utility tarpaulins. They block nearly all
OK- I'll try it- but it'll be a challenge- it's part of the bush now, some
stands are 100 ft. across! Mixed with invasives like rose, plum, pear, apple
and blackberry.
>Just be glad you don't have to deal with Bermuda, Johnson and
>crabgrass, pigweed, rye and fescus grass and other miscellaneous
We have the second half of the group; also quack (Agropyron I think) and
Euphorbia latrans, and Canary reed grass- the usual abundance!

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