Robert Hart

Graham Burnett gburnett at
Wed Sep 27 18:49:16 EDT 2000

> > I had a look at your tribute site to Robert Hart and
> > thought it was very useful, especially the map and
> > photos.  You may remember me from a telephone
> > conversation we had a few months back concerning my
> > dissertation, which I'm hoping to publish on the
> > Web.

I look forward to seeing it!

> > I have a questionnaire that was filled in by Robert
> > Hart last year.  For the other questionnaires I have
> > written permission to use their replies in my work.
> > I
> > suspect this is not necessary legally, but was done
> > out of courtesy.  The problem that I don't know what
> > to do with Robert Hart's data as I have no
> > permission
> > letter from him.

> > situation is with using information about his site.
> > I
> > don't think it would be a problem to publish it, but
> > I
> > don't want offend anyone by doing so.
> >
> > Any ideas?

 I couldn't say what the lagel position is- personally I'd love to read it- have forwarded this
reply to UK PC list in case anybody else can advise- seems a shame to waste the wisdom- I guess if
it's non-profit there couldn't be too much objection/ Wot's the view of others???

> > Graeme Sherriff
> > Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology
> > Manchester University
> >

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