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Childrens Food Forest, Carolyn Nuttall
c.nuttall at uq.net.au

Also Robina McCurdy  robina at win.co.nz  has done a lot of work with schools in New Zealand & South Africa - she also conducts excellent workshops and courses on working with children & Pc in schools

There's an organisation involving a number of Pc designers here in NSW worth checking out called Learnscapes Foundation and they have a fantastic manual Hands on Learnscapes. Don't have an email contact but if you drop Peter Cuming   sfpd at bri.net.au   a line he should be able to point you in the right direction

Robyn Francis

>Also "AChildren´s Food Forest"  by Carolyn Nuttall, which is specific to 
>Permaculture...I lost her e-mail when my computer blew but
>I am sure some Australian participant can  confirm her present address..

Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Education Centre
home to: 
Permaculture Education
ERDA Institute Trust
Nimbin Eco-Village Project Office
Robyn Francis - permaculture designer & educator
PO Box 379, Nimbin NSW 2480 Australia
permed at nor.com.au  www.earthwise.org.au

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