Flowforms: Contacts & Sources Needed

Claude Genest genest at together.net
Fri Sep 22 09:29:55 EDT 2000

Hi Louis,

Would have written you just because of your name ( I'm an ex-Montrealer
living in Vermont) - but I'm also really curious if you might be thinking of
distributing flow forms regionally?

Also love to hear your design solutions for greywater systems in winter...

John Todd ( "Living Machines") teaches here at UVM.

I was reading how he reckons that the systems he's designing today are akin
to the giant "Univac" computers of the 50's - give it 30 years and these
sytems will begin to resemble laptops !

Did you find anything ?


Claude Genest
ISle LaMotte, Vt.

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Subject: Flowforms: Contacts & Sources Needed

> This is a general request to anyone interested in, or involved with
> flowforms, including their design into the landscape, sculpture,
> installation, evaluation,... Any contact, bibliographic or other info
> be greatly appreciated.
> I am looking to integrate flowforms into urban ecological design. The
> flowforms will have to be seamlessly integrated with ALL of a home's or
> building's components: greywater, rainwater catchment, aquaculture and
> pond. A resiliant and interchangeable design is needed, e.g. so that they
> can handle cold(er) climates.
> Go gently onwards.
> Louis Laframboise
> Ottawa, Canada
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