PC sites in/near Montreal, Canada?

Claude Genest genest at together.net
Fri Sep 22 09:24:05 EDT 2000

Hi John,

Did you get any info about Montreal ?

I'm a former Montrealer now living an hour South of it, on the shores of
Lake Chmaplain.
Not much to see here yet.... But you're welcome to visit -
I'll be at Bill's workshop in Loisianna Oct 10-12 ( driving both ways ---
yeesh !)


P.S. if you do come, might you  be interested in giving a talk ? - there's
this great old Vermont barn -come- anything -space that's just down the

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> Aloha,
> I will be in Montreal for 3 1/2 days end of Sept./start of Oct. - anyone
> here in that area, or know of Permaculture sites worth visiting in that
> area?  Any contact info appreciated...
> thanks,
> John Schinnerer
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