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'Sharing Nature with Children' by Joseph Cornell (1979, Dawn Publications, ISBN 0-916124-14-2,
14618 Tyler Foote Road, Nevada City, CA 95959)- 'The Classic Parent's & Teachers Nature Awareness
Guidebook'- lots of activities and games aimed at developing awareness & knowledge of nature &
natural systems/observation.

'Muck & Magic' by Jo Readman (1993, Henry Doubleday Researxch Association/Search Press- ISBN 0
85532 757 X)- A children's guide to organic gardening published by the UK's HDRA, with games &
activities and good clear illustrations.

'Children's Gardening' by Peter Please (1991, Horticultural Therapy, ISBN 0 9521074 0 6)- describes
itself as a resource pack for teachers using gardening with children, including educational
processes and the therapuetic potential of gardening- perhaps somebody from the Assoc will be able
to feed back?

Hope these help,

Also in the UK the Permaculture Association is looking at specifically developing permaculture
education to fit in with the National Curriculum- there is a working party looking at this but I
don't know how far down the road they are....


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> Hello,
> A PC Course participant from Santa Cruz wrote and asked me
> for some help gathering information on teaching permaculture to children.
> I sent him some book ideas from my Biblio. These books tend to focus on
> growing food and Nature-
> Any other ideas out there?  I thought I heard there was/is a book in
> process on this exact topic- Kids and PC?
> Please send via listserve and to Eric directly
> ejota9 at surfnetusa.com
> Thanks
> Jude
> The Usborne Complete First Book of Nature
> Michael Chinery       et.al.Usborne Ltd. Belgium Publishing Ltd. 1990
> Beautifully detailed illustrations of plants and animals.  A serious nature
> study for the young and old.
> I had to special order this but found it one of the best children's nature
> books available.
> Kids Nature      Susan Milord   Williams Publishing   Charlette,Vt.
> 365 Indoor and outdoor nature experiences for kids.
> Springo Tyron Creek State Park 11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd.  Portland, Or
> 97219  (503)636-4550
> Life Lab, Growing Adventure  Life Lab Science Program  1156 High St. Santa
> Cruz, Ca. 95064  (408)459-2001   In and outdoor science activites
> The Evolution Book   Sara Stein     Workman Publishing, NY, 1986  The story
> of 4,000 million years of life on Earth revealed through observations,
> experiments, projects, and investigations.
> 333 Science Tricks and Experiments  Robert Brown  Tab Books, INC.  Blue
> Ridge Summit, PA  1984
> Inexpensive, readily available materials- unique and unusual experiments
> Exploring the Secrets of the Meadow-Thicket   JoAnne Dennee and Julia Hand
> A Common Roots Guidebook 1994   Observing plants, birds, insects, and
> animals and how they interact in the meadow thicket. Songs, activities, and
> stoires.     A story of Seasonal activities for the curious child.
> Composting Across the Curriculum: A Teacher's Guide to Composting   Kathy
> Ezratty 1993
> Marin County Office of Waste Management  10 North San Pedro Rd.  Suite
> 1022, San Rafael, CA 94903   (415)499-6647   Great workbook for people of
> all ages.
> Squirmy Wormy Composters   Bobbie Kalman  Crabtree Publ.Co.  1992
> My favorite pix in this book is the kid w/ a worm on his tongue.  Really
> gets the attention of children to read this!  For elementary school age.
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