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Subject: New Edition of Permaculture Directory

    Greetings.   Below I have sent you a copy of the announcement  about  the 
latest edition of our directory, TRIP (The Resources  of International 
Permaculture.)  We think it may interest you and we hope you will forward to 
any of your friends also interested in permaculture, to any  discussion 
groups, newsletters, etc., where it may be appropriate.  We have kept the 
announcement short but will send full details on request.
    FYI, there  is still time to enroll in our annual  Permaculture Design 
Course Online.   We have just begun our first session and have made  
arrangements to have back posts sent to new students.   Because our online 
course is designed in cycles, one can sign on at any time.

For Mother Earth

Dan Hemenway


Volume VIII of TRIP Is Ready

    The eighth volume  of The Resources of International Permaculture, a 
directory,  has just been published by Yankee Permaculture.  TRIP lists about 
2,000 organizations and publications that  are allied with permaculture.  The 
listings of these groups are organized in three ways, so they  can be looked 
up by location, by name or by what the group does.  TRIP is also available on 
disk.  The disk version includes  a keyword field that allows exceedingly 
specific searches.  For more information,  contact Yankee Permaculture at 
YankeePerm at

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