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Graham Burnett gburnett at
Tue Sep 19 15:51:35 EDT 2000

(copied to Patrick Whitefield)

> I would be interested in any interviews with robert hart that were not published
> in his books... are you in touch with anyone who has interviewed him?

Sorry, mIEKAL, missed the second part of your email- not as far as I am aware... one of the main
reasons I put my small site together was that doing a web search turned up very little on Robert
apart from reviews of his books to try & sell them (eg, at Amazon, etc), certainly no photos of the
forest garden that I could find. I did find these articles at the Institute for Social Inventions


I also have a very interesting article he wrote for 'Tree News' which I could maybe scan and send

Patrick- maybe you could help with this request?


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