Robert Hart's Forest Garden website

Graham Burnett gburnett at
Tue Sep 19 15:29:01 EDT 2000

> graham, the site looks good... but unfortuneately I havent been able to load the
> pictures in (or the thumbnails)...  checking yr code you have an html error
> which would be easy to fix:
> "Ron liberating blackcurrants.jpg"

> there cannot be any spaces in any url or address...  also it is usually standard
> to use all small letters...


Which browser are you using? Internet Explorer 5 has no problems picking up the pictures, but a
Netscape user also emailed me to say they couldn't get them- anyway, I've now renamed the .jpg's as
you suggested (no gaps, no capitals) and re-uploaded them, so hopefully this has cured the problem

Thanks for the advise, hope you like the pics (assuming you can now get them!)


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