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Vint Lawrence vlawrence at nets.com
Mon Sep 18 20:22:26 EDT 2000

Skye wrote:

> Great to hear of the new Credit Union in New Mexico. Congratulations!!!!!
> However I'd like to point out that the first Permaculture Credit Union was actually
> started over 12 years ago!!! Well known community worker Jill Jordon attended an
> Alternative Economics Summit organised by a radical thinker by the name of Bill
> Mollison, at his home in Stanley, Tasmania back about 15 years ago. She returned to her
> home town of  Maleny, Queensland inspired. With her usual efficiecy it didn't take long
> before there was a series of public meetings, and the Maleny and District Credit Union
> opened it doors about 12 or a bit more years ago.

We stand corrected and should have said "possibly the first Permaculture Credit Union in
the Western Hemisphere". The PCU was inspired by the Maleny Credit Union and our original
organizing activities were based around many principles borrowed from them as well as the
Alternatives Federal Credit Union in Ithaca, New York, another hotr bed of new cooperative
ideas (Ithaca Hours).

Bill Mollison was in on the organizing/inspiration of the PCU as well, on a visit to Santa
Fe in 1996 and a meeting/think tank in Santa Rosa subsequent to that. Little did we know
at the time that the bureaucracy would delay us  for so long. We felt it would be
important to be able to provide "insured deposits" (up to $100,000).

Thanks for your support and for setting the record straight.

Vint Lawrence
on behalf of the Permaculture Credit Union

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