Seeds for Zimbabwe

J. Hobbs hobbsj at
Mon Sep 18 11:59:49 EDT 2000


I am part of a community that studies the music (Shona) of Zimbabwe.  We
recently had a music festival, here in Eugene Oregon, where we invited
several Zimbabwean teachers.  We have a close relationship with them and
offer our support whenever possible.  Cosmas and Beuler would like to
purchase fruit and vegetable seeds to take back with them.  We would like
their investment to be in seeds that will grow well in their homeland (just
outside of Harare).
I am recommending they purchase seeds that are non-hybrid's and am giving
them hand-outs on seed saving.  I am not familiar with their soils and
general growing conditions, so would greatly appreciate any information you
can send our way.  They plan to leave the states in a few weeks.

Thank you,  Jude

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