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> Hola a Todas

Great to hear of the new Credit Union in New Mexico. Congratulations!!!!!

However I'd like to point out that the first Permaculture Credit Union was actually
started over 12 years ago!!! Well known community worker Jill Jordon attended an
Alternative Economics Summit organised by a radical thinker by the name of Bill
Mollison, at his home in Stanley, Tasmania back about 15 years ago. She returned to her
home town of  Maleny, Queensland inspired. With her usual efficiecy it didn't take long
before there was a series of public meetings, and the Maleny and District Credit Union
opened it doors about 12 or a bit more years ago.

While the MDCU does not have "Permaculture" in its name, there can be no doubt as to
its inspiration, and its long history of dedication to Permacuture Principles.

Its has been responsible for helping finaance many local PC projects, and I personally
believe that the famous Crystal Waters EcoVillage would not have succeeded if it had
not been for the prior existance of MDCU. Indeed there is a local joke that Crystal
Waters was really funded by the same $12,000 deposit being recycled within the
community many times, very rapidly (ie buyer 1 pays deposit to Max Lindeggar et al, who
banks with MDCU, who lends it to buyer 2, who gives it to Max, who puts in the MDCU
account who lends it to buyer 3.... - a classic example to tight energy cycling - the
joke in fact has much truth in it, many of the initial members of CW were there because
of the financial support they received from the MDCU).

I addition, they have always been active in informing the local public on issues within
the finance industry/monetry policies of our government. Their policy of lending to
unemployed mothers forced one of Australias major commercial banks to reassess their
attitute toward single-mothers and to change their policy on gender.

The same renowned Jill Jordon, with support from the MDCU helped bring LETS to
Australia, started the successful WasteBusters Recycling centre, and more recently the
locally, cooperatively owned meeting place - Up-Front Club.

Don't want to put a downer on the great work acheived by the New Mexico group, but I am
proud that Maleny is my (australian) home, and an integral part of the success of
Maleny, is the Maleny and District Credit Union!!!


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