Fw: GE foods "Not of Humans"

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We are the USDAs white mice.  they are just going to force transgeneticly
engineered food and pollen and insects and other life forms  on all of us if
we like it or not. there is no choice.  the USDA is changing life on earth
as we know it for market share,  May their expectations parish!

 check out an organic farmers homepage
sals at rain.,org
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> This is some article.
> They are "making" grain that humans can't use.
> It comes from all over, no one knows from where anymore?
> It's a multi-national process...
> Why do I get the feeling that the genie is out of the bottle?
> (I get a vision of miles and miles of grains, all kinds, waving in the
> breeze, but none of it food for humans.... Oops?)
> Rob
> becidaa at paulbunyan.net
> http://washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A24834-2000Sep17.html
> >>The type of corn, produced by Aventis Corp. and called StarLink, was
> approved by federal authorities in 1998 as an animal feed. But because the
> corn has been genetically modified in a way that makes it more difficult
> break down in the human gut, the agencies have refused to approve it for
> human use.
> The taco shells tested were manufactured in Mexico for Taco Bell and were
> distributed by Kraft Foods Inc. Michael Mudd, Kraft's vice president for
> corporate affairs, said that the corn was bought by a Texas miller from
> farmers in six states, and that the miller had ordered a conventional form
> of corn.
> He said that company policy is to duplicate each test, so the taco shell
> sample was actually tested four times using a process called polymerase
> chain reaction. Each time, he said, researchers found 1 percent of the
> DNA to be from the unapproved corn, and found the presence of other
> material as well.<<
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