Olive Trees

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olives in South Australia (dryland area) are a quite a weed there, they self
seed remarkably well,
in more humid regions on the east i haven't heard of self seeding.

I don't know about the quality of the fruit from seedlings,
i suspect that olives have had thousands of generations of selection
in the seed and grafting process (are they grafted? those i bought don't
appear to be)
and self seeding must be discouraged in order to preserve selective breeding
someone who could help you would be seedsavers, they are on my portal page.

If i were setting up olives in a new region I would use the seeds AND get
hold of some neighbouring areas root cuttings and
then cross the two to see what i can get in terms of climate adaption and
quality of the olive.


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Hello Gene!

I just had the visit from a marvellous Greek earth architecht   who is also
into organic olives.  It seems that olives are
reproduced from root sproutings and not from seed.   I forwarded you letter
to him, just in case... (his name is Nikos Galatis).


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My daughter brought back some black olives she picked from a tree in Spain,
along with some soil.  Having a long mediterranean love affair with olives,
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about them, such as:
How to propagate them?  Can I get the olives to sprout? or should I just
mail order a cutting from somewhere?  (and where?).
Can they live in E. Tennessee year round outside?  And how long does it
really take to get olives from them?  Am I wasting my time?  Should I just
get an olive tree screen saver?
Gene Monaco

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