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> From: Toby Hemenway <hemenway at jeffnet.org>
> ...Again using science as an analogy, the people who do philosophy of
> science--trying to figure out how science works and what it's doing--are
> usually not the same people who are actually doing science.

In other words, they've taken a distinction and made it a separation, and
in some cases made it an opposition (philosophers vs. scientists, as though
they were two different species... ;-).

> Or more
> precisely, most scientists don't care one whit about the philosophy
> it.

With results such as Hiroshima, nerve gas, genetic manipulation,
etc....loss of systemic perspective seems inevitably pathogenic.

> I'd venture that the same it true here: the majority of practicing
> permies want to get their hands dirty, and may be less interested in a
> long-winded philosophical discussion...

Which is jolly good, as long as the systemic origins and perspectives of
Permaculture ("lived philosophy?") are embodied as part of "getting (our)
hands dirty!"

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