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>"The Book of Kudzu"? I want it for the library...
>I'd like a copy of that too. Is it by William Shurtleff?

>Yes, same guy as Book of Tofu and Book of Tempeh. I'd imagine that with a

And the Book of Miso.

>little Japanese trackhoe you could dig beaucoup Kudzu root in the SE, >eh?

What is a Japanese trackhoe?

Kudzu makes excellent animal feed.

>Anybody got any ideas on how to deal with Vinca minor (periwinkle) ? That's
>my newest invasive plant challenge- I've no got extensive stands of it- and
>it's moving into the forest. I've used it for sheet mulch topping- although
>caution must be exercised- it can root from cuttings!

Easily removed through proper mulching. Try covering areas of it with
these silver-colored plastic utility tarpaulins. They block nearly all

Just be glad you don't have to deal with Bermuda, Johnson and
crabgrass, pigweed, rye and fescus grass and other miscellaneous

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