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Subject: Invitation to Permaculture Design Course

Dear Friend, 

I would like to invite you to a Permaculture Design Certificate Course
that will be offered on October 16-28, 2000 by Geoff Lawton, Director of
the Permaculture Research. The course will follow a workshop by Dr. Bill
Mollison, the founder of Permaculture, this October 10-12, in NW

The 72-hour PDC course will consist of lectures, demonstrations and
hands-on experience. The daily timetable is from 9:00am to 5:00pm
starting on Monday with two half-hour breaks, one hour lunch break.
Videos and slide presentations will be available on certain evenings.
There will also be a design exercise carried out on-site. We ask that
you arrive on the Sunday after 12pm, this will enable you to settle
comfortably into your accommodation, become familiar with Lake Bistineau
National Park, and share dinner with the other course participants
before the teaching begins on Monday. Sunday the 22nd will be a day off.
Meal will still be served for those who stay at the park. The course
will finish at about 12:00pm on the Saturday October 28th, with the
presentation of your Permaculture Design Certificate. The price of this
course is $995, including all meals. Lodging at the National Park is an
additional $60.00, 17th-28th. 

Geoff Lawton has been a student of Bill Mollison since 1983. He holds a
Diploma of Permaculture in Education, Design, Administration, System
establishment and community development. Geoff founded Permaculture
Noosa in SE Queensland in 1992. This has become the largest, fastest
growing and most dynamic Permaculture group in Australia. He is also
Holder of the Permaculture Community Service Award for his work overseas
and within Australia. He was appointed Director of the Permaculture
Research Institute in 1997 by Bill Mollison and continues in that role
today. Geoff has taught Permaculture Design Certificate Courses all over
the world. He has worked internationally as a consultant and implemented
designs for clients including private individuals, communities, local
councils, non-government aid organizations, multinational corporations
and governments. 

The Curriculum for the course is as follows: 

- Theory and principles of design
- Methods of design
- Patterns in nature
- Climatic factor strategies
- Domestic food security and food production: 
	-mini-farm and farm design
	-ecological pest control
	-orchard and tree crops
	-forestry and bamboo plantations
	-rehabilitation of soils and erosion control
	-green manures and farmers trees
	-livestock management
- Wildlife
- Design for catastrophe prevention
- Drought proofing property
- Earthworks
- Water harvesting and management
- Windbreaks and fire control
- Aquaculture:
	-aquatic plants and fisheries
- Energy efficient housing: 
	-site selection
	-appropriate technology
	-recycling and waste management
- Whole systems design for human settlement; community or village level
- Permaculture Academy
- Alternative economic structures
- Trusts, legal strategies, credit unions
- Permaculture Foundation

Space limited – A registration form is attached, and also available on
our website.  For more information about the Permaculture Design Course
and the Bill Mollison Workshop, contact Kippy Clark at 303-247-1800 or
visit our website at


Victor A. Guadagno
Program Manager - NWLCC

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