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Wed Sep 13 02:45:02 EDT 2000

Thanks Len for letting us know of the problems you had getting on to our
website, and we were glad you did get there. Thanks too for the positive

I will get on to our server about it and see what eventuates.

Whereabouts are you looking to buy land?


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Date: Wednesday, 13 September 2000 5:52
Subject: help locate - Naomi & Rick Coleman <peds at>

>hope i'm not out of line i recieved an e/mail from Naomi & Rick Coleman
><peds at> through tghe group, i am having huge problems getting
>their site link to work and i cannot contact them by e/mail as their e/mail
>address faults as being invalid. i have had my isp check things out all
>operates perfect from my end it appears the problem is with the other
>i just need to let them know of the problems i am having as others may also
>be experiencing difficulties.
>thank you for helping
>it works for me it could work for you
>"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do!!"
>but consider others and the environment.
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