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Naomi & Rick Coleman peds at tpg.com.au
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I have sent this direct to Alex as well.

Hi Alex,

Our website has a few pictures (its not even nearly finished but it does
have a copy of the design of our property.)

Visit it at

We are permaculture teachers and are developing our property as a
demonstration site.

Also try back issues of the Permaculture International Journal if you can
access them. (it has just ceased publication)

Good luck with your assignment,

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>> >Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 20:37:39 +0800
>> >Subject: permaculture design
>> >From: "awalker" <awalker at students.plc.wa.edu.au>
>> >My name is Alex Walker from PLC and I am doing an assignment on
>> >design and I need some picture/photos/diagrams of permaculture design,
and I
>> >was hoping you might be able to send me some. Any pictures/ photos/ or
>> >designs you could send me before Monday 18th September would be very
>> >apprectiated.
>> >yours thankfully Alex Walker, yr 10, PLC
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