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Mon Sep 11 18:13:12 EDT 2000

Toby H said:
>old-growth I only see invasives at road cuts. They need sun.
Most do! But Hedera helix (English Ivy) and Ilex Aquifolium(English Holly)
can penetrate intact native Oregon forest just fine. Yeah, disturbance makes
'em faster, but just normal blow-down does the job as far as that goes. And
they're bird dispersed.
and Mango Dance said about Kudzu:
> Japan has a different climate and a variety of
>uses for this plant and harvest it in large quantities.
Yes- and then they sell the value-added products to the US! Can anybody find
me a copy of "The Book of Kudzu"? I want it for the library...
The thing that makes Yellow Flag Iris such a *menace* is that the (large)
seeds float; nor is it palatable to geese and such. So it has rapidly come to
dominate the lower Columbia R. sloughs, Lake Washington, Crystal Springs lake
in Portland, the Clackamas R., etc. etc.
there's always an exception.
We've changed the ecology more than we can understand
Don't kill all the rabbits, they're part of the new dreaming

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