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Towne-Martindale tomar at
Sun Sep 10 21:48:40 EDT 2000

Graham Burnett wrote:
> i'm slightly confused- according to 'soul Of soil' by Gershunny + Smillie, there are 10 zonal soil
> types in the world- Entisols, Vertisols, Inceptisols, Aridisols, Mollisols, Spodosols, Alfisols,
> Ultisols, oxisols & Histosols... so far so good, but according to JRW Cheattle's 'Guide To The
> British Landscape' (collins, 1980), in Britain only 2 zonal soil types are found, Podzols and Brown
> Earth Soils- yet neither of these are in the former books' classification listing- can somebody
> explain?
> Sorry to appear ignorant, thanks,
> Graham Burnett

If I remember correctly (20 years since undergraduate soil sciences) 
podzols are from an older system of soil classification and are roughly
equivalent to alfisols which develop under a temperate forest climate. 
Spodozols develop under northern coniferous forests.  This is just a
quick answer so don't take it as gospel!  Jon

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