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We made a natural pesticide (what an oxymoron) and a fungicide in Bali using
Neem, ginger, tumeric, galanga, EM4, molasses (which was the hardest thing
to get in Bali) a little alcohol and some other things. It seemed to work on
a fungus that was on some of the limes. A local gardener said he had good
luck with it on some insects. We didn't have much of an insect problem, but
fungi in the tropics was more of an issue. In the tropics, it has to be used
frequently and consistently to work. Ideally,  we want to deal with those
issues by creating healthy soil.

If anyone wants the recipe, I could dig it out of my miles of piles of


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I know an 'elder' woman from India who tells me that neem is somewhat of an
all-purpose antibiotic/disinfectant/etc. there (among other things) -
simplest recipe she mentioned was to simmer leaves in water for 10+ minutes.
Don't know if this solution would repel bugs from plants or not or is simply
for a topical antibiotic...I've used a neem-based bug juice that was quite
effective at keeping New England mosquitoes and blackflies at bay; much
better than a citronella-based one I tried.

One could process home-grown neem to extract the oil for various uses, using
similar methods to those used for extracting other plant oils, I would
guess.  I will be planting some on my land in Hawai'i this winter...maybe in
a couple years I will have more info!  ;-)

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