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Naomi & Rick Coleman peds at tpg.com.au
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Hi Jo,

I dont know anything about the specific project you are referring to but a
delegate to IPC6 in Perth was a guy called Vincenzo Santiglia, from Cypress.
He seemed quite active and may know more about the pc scene there. This is
an old address (1996) but may still be current.

Vincenzo Santiglia
13 Agapios Zaka
Tel / fax 357 662 1397

Good luck. If you do get in touch with him, please say hi from Naomi and
Rick Coleman in Australia.


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>Anyone know anything about this?
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>Hiya. I'm trying to find out about a reconciliation
>project in Cyprus based on a permaculture site - I
>don't know any more details than that and I can't
>rememeber who told me about it, but I'm half Greek
>Cypriot and going out there in the winter so I'd
>really like to find out about it - hope you can help.
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