International Permaculture Conference 7, Raglan New Zealand March 2000

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Mon Sep 4 23:36:09 EDT 2000

IPC6 has officially endorsed Steve Harts proposal for
IPC7 at Raglan, New Zealand in 2000.
and there is now an mailing list constructed to build communication and
support for this fantastic event!

if you would like to be involved join us at
it exclusively for discussion on IPC7.  at this stage it is open to any new
members but
anyone found to be dumping ads etc will be promptly unsubscribed.  This
seems to be the fastest way to build members and
start discussion.  I am the current moderator, please send hassles and
advise to me. mailto:askpv at

 mailto:IPC7 at

We now need to construct an information homepage.
this can be done collaboratively,
Please volunteer suggestions for the page and submit offers to write
various sections to mailto:askpv at

April and the team,

Permaculture Visions International.
Students and graduates in 20 countries
(Australia, Canada, NZ, USA, France, Malaysia, Brazil, India, UK,
Jerusalem, Israel, Ireland, Africa, Thailand, Japan, Portugal, Tonga, Papua
New Guinea, Hong Kong, Mexico.)
Exclusive Student and Graduate Mailing list
Commercial and Private Permaculture System Design
ISO 14000
<mailto:askpv at>

IPPC7 Raglan New Zealand. March 2000 - join the support and information
group  mailto:IPC7 at

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