native/exotic/invasive/weed thread

John Schinnerer johns at
Mon Sep 4 02:28:59 EDT 2000


Good conversation, this!

There is also the issue of what state a piece of land (and surroundings) is
in when one begins working with it.  Is it relatively stable and
slow-changing, or in the midst of some rapid/recent change(s), or somewhere
in between?  Different current states (e.g. different histories) may require
different approaches.  For example:

My acre in Hawai'i has some endemic plants, some non-natives, and a limited
amount of "invasive" exotics, a few of which I would indeed call "weeds."
It has also been more or less undisturbed for perhaps as long as 30 years,
as have the adjacent acres.  The worst invasives have not "succeeded" to any
great degree.  They are prevalent only for a few meters from the road edge,
where most of them spread from, and in a few isolated spots further from the
road (except for guava, spread more evenly by birds but mostly shaded out by
endemic 'ohia trees).

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