natives and exotics

Toby Hemenway hemenway at
Mon Sep 4 14:42:39 EDT 2000

One interesting addition to the native and exotics discussions (some nice
posts lately, Robyn, Paul, Bob). Yesterday I attended a birthday bash for
Alan Kapuler, research director of Seeds of Change Seed Co. and an utter
genius with plants and seed genetics. There I was shown a flyer on the
"White List," proposed US legislation to outlaw commerce in all but a small
number of approved organisms. I'm not a paranoid/conspiracy type, but was
intrigued to note the huge financial and propaganda support of anti-weed
organizations by herbicide makers (the California Exotic Pest Plant Council
has a Monsanto employee on its board, for example, as does the US National
Invasive Species Council).

I'm not sure that corporations are behind the native plant movement (!) but
for further info go to

It's more sketchy on hard info than I'd like, but at least offers an
intriguing perspective. The links point to a number of useful exotic-species
organizations and publications.


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