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Mon Nov 20 10:55:07 EST 2000

Hey Chip -

You wrote:
Greetings all   :)
      My friend Sara Johnson has been traveling in Australia for the last 8
months, and has spent 4 of those months living and learning Permaculture.
She was recently certified as a Permaculturalist and would like to pursue the

field when she returns to the USA this December.
     Could anyone point me toward quality Permaculture farms or Eco-Villages
in the Colorado region of the USA?   I believe there are probably a few (at
least), but can't find a central listing.   Sara has heard of one close to
Loveland, CO, and any info on that farm would be much appreciated.
   Sara is a very special soul-light and any help that could be given to help

her growing path in the field would be much appreciated, and returned with
many smiles and hugs.
    Thank you all, and have a wonderful day!

     peace and lots of love,
         Chip Lassiter

This should cover all the possibilities:

Albert Bates,
Ecovillage Training Center,
The Farm, POB 90,
Summertown TN 38483-0090,
<ecovillage at>

Jerome Osentowski
Central Rocky Mt Pc Institute
POB 631,
Basalt CO 81621 -
jerome at

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