Chemical Residuals

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I once read a study from the Bioremediation people at Penn State (if i
remember correctly). The study proved that soaking the most toxic effluents
in a slurry of pureed horseradish rendered them non-toxic. This is just from
memory and the basics are there but the scientific polish is where research

On another note. Does anyone know of anyone producing/selling/trading wool?
Specifically longish wool with the lanolin still present. Does not have to
be clean wool.

Thank you,
Yaya Balinci

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> Aloha,
> As detailed in some of the material Larry London posted links to, it's not
> all that cut-and-dried either way (any pun's a good pun, I say... ;-) -
> I would prefer to err on the side of caution.
> What the manufacturers say, especially about what their products are
> "designed" to do, may be rather different from the actual consequences in
> the real world (GMOs are but one recent example...).  The info about
> ingredients that are actually more toxic in various ways than the "active"
> ingredient is one example.  Research by other than Monsanto or their hired
> guns that says the stuff breaks down neither how nor when they say, and in
> fact is found in fish years later, is another.
> Given that "invasive exotics" didn't smother life as we know it during the
> very large number of years before humans created chemical herbicides, I
> reckon there are always other ways to deal with such situations.  Maybe
> as quick, maybe not as "easy," but with less unknown long-range
> consequences.  Especially since we humans created most of these problems
> ourselves - seems a bit unfair to poison everything for our mistakes (and
> bit stupid to poison ourselves).
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