Chemical Residuals

Randy donahuer at
Fri Nov 17 20:57:59 EST 2000


                 I was wondering whether or not you could advise me on a
matter concerning the residuals of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
Nearly all of my neighbors use chemical fertilizers on their lawns
regularly. A few of them use broadleaf herbicides annually to kill clover in
their yards. Then there are those proud chemical elitists who spend
****loads as members of chemical clubs, dowsing their yards repeatedly to
achieve aesthetic perfection. 
                 My question is. . . would it be safe to use clippings from
those lawns that had been treated with say glyphophosphates? What length of
time should I wait after they spray to use their yard debris? Please don't
tell me three years or something like that. . . 

                  --Donahuer at

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