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If I were younger and Canadian, I'd jump at this. Please forward this to
aprropriate individuals or orgs.
PS please excuse cross-postings.

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Subject: Job Posting! International Youth Intern Position at Falls Brook
   Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 18:24:21 -0400
   From: "Sarah Shima" <acic at nbnet.nb.ca>
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                         Falls Brook Centre, NB

                   Want to work in Canada and Brazil?
  Falls Brook Centre has a new intern position available for this year!

Posted: November 15, 2000
Applications due by: November 22, 2000
Term: 28 weeks
Expected Start Date:  December 4, 2000

If you have not been contacted by November 27, 2000, please assume you
have not been selected for an interview.
This position requires a determined, self-starting individual who is
willing to work in a team and under difficult conditions. The successful
applicant will be given a moderate financial stipend and a unique
opportunity to gain experience in an international environment.

Prerequisites - Applicants must:

                    Be aged 30 or under;
                    Be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants able to
work in Canada;
                    Be under or unemployed;
                    Have not previously worked outside Canada in a paid
career-related position;
                    Be a graduate of a college or university; and,
                    Have not previously participated in another
Internship Program funded by the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment
Strategy (YES).

This youth internship is made available through the Canadian

International Development Agency (CIDA).

The goal of this project is to give young Canadians international work
experience and to develop skills in the fields of sustainability and
international development. Successful applicants will start and finish
their work experience in New Brunswick.

If you are interested in a position please send a letter of intent and
your resume to:

FALLS BROOK CENTRE c/o Sarah Shima, International Intern Co-ordinator
125 South Knowlesville Road
Knowlesville, New Brunswick E7L 1B1
Tel: 506 375 4310, or Fax: 506 375 4221 or e_mail: acic at nbnet.nb.ca
(Note: If using e-mail, please send resumes as part of the text or as an
attachment for MS Word 97, or Word Perfect 9.0. Earlier versions of the
same programs are acceptable.)

Thank you for your interest in the Falls Brook Centre Youth Internship
program. This information was compiled in order to familiarize potential
applicants with the proposed program, its objectives and background. If
you have any further questions please contact us.

FALLS BROOK CENTRE: Falls Brook Centre (FBC) is an environmental
community development demonstration and training centre in New
Brunswick. Located on 400 acres of farm and forest land, FBC
demonstrates the practical application and implementation of sustainable
development. Appropriate technology applications of solar energy, wind
energy, composting and recycling models, as well as 7 km of fully marked
forest trails, an arboretum, herbarium and a forest museum bring
visitors on a regular basis. With a solar and wind powered conference
centre, FBC is able to host small meetings and provide accommodation and
certified-organic catering for up to 25 people on-site.

FBC has a variety of land management activities; site specific - species
specific tree plantings, windbreaks and erosion control planting
demonstrations, several tree nurseries and seed beds of indigenous
species of the temperate Acadian forest of this region. Certified
-organic farming techniques, seed storage and plant propagation methods
are promoted via various applications.

Internships at Falls Brook Centre are designed to improve the knowledge,
skills, and experience of young professionals and to increase their
options for career choices after the internship. During the internship,
Interns are exposed to a wide variety of people, workshops, and training
sessions, both in Canada and overseas. Work is conducted in Canada and
overseas to improve the intern’s awareness of the linkages between
national issues and international issues, and to give them the
opportunity to learn Canadian skills and pass them on to a partner
organization overseas, and vice versa. Understanding the Canadian
context is very important for understanding and working within the
international context. Interns will be trained and given an orientation
program through Falls Brook Centre (FBC), using FBC’s international
program objectives.

Our internships have demonstrated that career opportunities and
entrepreneurial skills can be acquired while working with Canadian and
international environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs).

Appropriate Technology and Climate Change Program

Climate change is a complicated topic with emotions North and South
running high around issues of over-consumption and over-population. The
South argues that cost of the emission growth in the developing world
results from providing basic human needs, while in the industrial world
supports a standards of living well above the world average. The North's
interest in maintaining a healthy planet can only be achieved through
aggressive efforts to support developing country efforts to mitigate
climate change. Developing countries are likely to suffer a high level
of adverse impacts from climate change, including sea level rise,
extreme weather and diminished agricultural production.

Tension between the issues of climate change and international
cooperation will become more apparent as we continue to consume goods
and increase our populations. This topic needs to be discussed
creatively by all sectors of the public. The Atlantic Council for
International Cooperation's (ACIC) public engagement dialogues in the
Atlantic provinces will bring together sector organizations working in
environment and development and explore the impact of global climate
change.   (The Atlantic Council for International Cooperation is a
coalition of Atlantic organizations working in international
cooperation, which are committed to achieving global sustainability in a
peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity,
and participation for all.  Falls Brook Centre is a member of ACIC.)

Interns with the Appropriate Technology and Climate Change Program will
be provided with a range of opportunities and job training skills that
will enable them to become effective stewards of the environment and
well qualified apprentices in the growing fields of community
participation and appropriate technology.

In Canada, the intern would be involved with two projects: research and
planning of a community garden and community composting project, and
assisting with the organization of the public participation project
mentioned above. Activities would include:

                    Researching various models of community gardens and

                    Researching various options for financial assistance
                    from local government for the long-term continuity
                    of the project;

                    Outreach to the local community to involve local
                    input from the planning stages through the life of
                    the project;

                    Organizing social events educating and enthusing
                    participants around the projects;
                    Assisting with the organization of the ACIC's Annual
                    General Meeting on Climate Change and its Affects on
                    Community Economic Development;

                    Assisting with the development of participant's
                    packages for the public participation;

                    Assisting with framing the issue to be discussed at
                    the public meetings;

                    Assisting with the focus group testing of the
                    participant's guide and the subsequent redraft of
                    the guide;

                    Developing a media kit and regional media plan; and,

                    Moderating a public dialogue in New Brunswick, on
                    the issue of climate change.

In Brazil, the young professional will work with IMAFLORA (Instituto de
Manejo e Certificado Florestal e Agrícola), a group that provides
services to communities in Brazil in organic agriculture and forest
certification.  The intern will be involved with the following projects:

                    Survey of local agricultural production systems.

                    Feasibility study for the implementation of
                    alternative energy systems.

                    Support for the development of recycling and
                    composting programs.

General Activities of Interns

To ensure the cohesiveness of Falls Brook Centre staff and interns,
general activities for all interns at Falls Brook Centre include:

          Delivering tours of Falls Brook Centre to members of the

          General office duties, developing organizational skills;

          Conducting a job search when they return from overseas; and,

          Study Portugese using computer programs, with the assistance
          of Falls Brook staff.

Work Schedule and Stipend

The approximate work schedule and locations are as follows:

          Falls Brook Centre: 14 weeks

          Work time overseas: 14 weeks (including two weeks of language

Stipend: $200 per week.

Please note that you will be required to pay a weekly room and board
rental fee of $100 to Falls Brook Centre, if you choose to live on-site.

International travel to overseas posting and two weeks language training
will be provided.

Important Note: If you have a student loan, it may be possible to defer
payment during the course of your internship.

What You Should Expect

This is not a summer camp nor an exotic foreign placement. You will be
working with highly skilled, motivated non-governmental organizations
faced with challenging situations. You will be trained in many aspects
of being an effective environmental advocate and you should expect to
spend a very full seven months requiring time, energy, productivity and
a perspective willing to be challenged and engaged. The internship will
not be easy; you can expect long hours with minimal financial
compensation. You can also expect lots of job satisfaction, strong
friendships and the opportunity to work closely with a team in an
international setting. It is important that you are aware of these
conditions before you apply. On completing the internship, you will have
solid, employable skills training and have been engaged in planning your
future job exposure.

Qualifications Required:

          Proven ability to work as a team with minimal resources;

          Ability to learn quickly and on your own initiative;

          Understanding and experience in working on sustainability and
          environmental issues;

          Proven computer skills including word processing, e-mail,
          internet familiarity and ability to operate efficiently in a
          Windows environment;

          Initiative to create own projects during gaps between assigned

          Some previous travel experience, especially in Latin America,
          would be an asset;

          An ability to be flexible in new situations and to deal well
          with change;

          Excellent health and fitness;

          The ability to communicate in Portugese or Spanish would be a
          strong asset;

          An ability to design and maintain websites would be an asset;

          Some marketing and graphic design skills would be an asset;

          Must be available to travel and work on a few evenings and

          Interns having their own laptop computer would be an asset.

Falls Brook is a very remote, rural environment. We try to 'live simply,
so that others may simply live'. You must have the ability to feel
comfortable with wood heat, spring water, lots of physical labour, and a
very remote rural living experience.

Training Provided:

          Portugese language training;

          Facilitation training for moderating public dialogues;

          Cultural awareness training for working in Brazil;

          Educational program delivery and presentations;

          Job search skills; and

          Other potential training courses as the situation warrants.

Supervision at Falls Brook Centre:

Jean Arnold (Executive Director) and Sarah Shima (International Intern

Other Benefits:

          Familiarity with new and emerging uses of technology which
          reduce human impact;

          Gain experience in a leading and reputable environmental
          non-profit organization;

          International work experience and opportunity to develop
          Portugese language skills; and

          Development of employment or entrepreneurial opportunities in
          areas of ecology and forest certification, public education,
          community development and conservation activities.

Suggestions on How to Apply

Think about what relevant experiences you have had. What difficult or
challenging group situations or places have you been in? Include them in
your resume or covering letter. These are more important than you may

Tell us why you are interested in sustainable living issues, whether you
are comfortable in a rustic, rural environment. Why you are interested
in working and contributing overseas? What is motivating you to apply
for this internship? A resume is not the place to be modest - tell us
what we need to know.

Do some simple research - there are materials available on us and all of
our partners through the internet. If you know something about the
project you have a much stronger chance of writing an appropriate
resume. Our website address is http://www.web.ca/~fbcja.  The website
address of IMAFLORA is http://www.imaflora.org.

If your application is successful and you are interviewed:

          Do some background reading on the recent history in Mexico and
          have an understanding of forest certification

          Be prepare to discuss your aspirations, hopes and how this
          program fits within your goals.

          Be yourself!

If you have not been contacted by November 27, 2000, please assume you
have not been selected for an interview.

Good Luck. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in a position please send a letter of intent and
your resume to:
FALLS BROOK CENTRE c/o Sarah Shima, International Intern Co-ordinator
125 South Knowlesville Road
Knowlesville, New Brunswick E7L 1B1
Tel: 506-375-4310, or Fax: 506-375-4221 or e-mail: acic at nbnet.nb.ca.

(Note: If using e-mail, please send resumes as part of the text or as an
attachment for MS Word 2000, or Word Perfect 9.0. Earlier versions of
the same programs are acceptable.)
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