Frank and keylines

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Thu Nov 9 17:38:53 EST 2000

Aloha John,

Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

<< If your forest is healthy, it will do about the best job of retaining and

slowly releasing/cycling water that can be done; maybe focus on your

unforested land first if you want to try keyline stuff?>> appears so. Pretty diverse mix of hardwoods, fertile rich soils 
especially in certain areas. Limestone ledges, escarpments support steeper 
slopes. You can see rock ledges in some areas especially near top of slope.

On the otherhand there's a lot of dead wood, den trees, blown over trees, 
etc. Many of trees seem to have very shallow root systems.

My concern is that over time gorges and drainages ways at the bottom of 
slopes often divert water where it is not needed or desired. In some areas it 
creates real bogs in spring rainy season.

Any advice, ideas. All the best.  Frank 

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