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Wed Nov 1 14:57:42 EST 2000

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000 18:37:25 -0000, "Graham Burnett"
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>Hi Lawrence-
>I attempted to upload 4 jpg's to the 'uploads' directory

This was a typo; it should read:
These are uploads areas for permaculture material:
For PICs uploads:
For DOCs uploads:
Go to the above url and upload your pix again.
(I moved the eval2,3,4 from the ag area to the pc area, so you only
need to upload eval1.jpg [don't u/l the .bmp version as its over

These both work OK now, I just corrected the code and tested them.
These are uploads areas for permaculture material. 

The URLs for uploads of agriculture and any other related information:


This area was disabled temporarily from some idiot uploading a
corrupted html file, which I deleted; now it all works. There were
several files in the pics area that might be yours: eval1.bmp (deleted
as it was a .bmp and over 1.5mb) eval2,3,4. - now moved to the PC

>When I went to check they were there there was no sign of them, only about 4 files that were 18
>months or so old- can you advise? also clicking on the link on the homepage took me to some site
>going on about leonardo da vinci or something...

All fixed now.

Thanks for the heads-up.

>can you help, cheers,
>Graham Burnett
>35 Rayleigh Avenue
>Westcliff On Sea
>Essex, UK
>SS0 7DS
>South East Essex LETS
>South East Essex Organic Gardeners
>South East Essex Permaculture
>Robert Hart's Forest Garden

Great websites - thanks for all your great work.


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