Corn problem

Randy donahuer at
Wed Nov 1 13:21:13 EST 2000

           I have been shelling corn over this past week, and one thing I
have noticed is how many kernals on some ears have germinated, or begun to
germinate but not broken the seed coat. This is after corn had dried down,
and the husk was still on. In some cases the husk still had some green left.
I was wondering if this condition was caused by some kind of nutrient
defiency/excess? I am also wondering if the corn that has fully germinated,
as well as the type that was halted, is safe to eat? I don't know what kind
of bacteria could be present within the walls of a kernal, and I don't want
to get ill over something I could feed to livestock/ wildlife. 
           My corn was grown on a heavy red clay. It has had some time to be
overgrown by weeds and build fertility from when it came out during the
digging of the foundation for a nearby house. It is still suitable for
making pots. Another thing to consider is that the patch is directly under
power lines. Perhaps they are screwing with my plant's instincts.


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