Veggies in natural succession- info?

Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at
Wed Mar 15 14:49:13 EST 2000

> the HDRA heritage seed catalogue 2000 says it could be an ancestor (from
> afghanistan the believed origin of the cultivated carrot

This weekend 8-9 april I will be giving a course on  organic gardens, from
the viewpoint of how each vegetable  fits into ecologic succession, where it
comes from, its native habitat,etc.  I have  reasonable information, but
would be most grateful if any of you know of a goldmine of this kind of
information  ( where the plants come from, who domesticated them, etc.)

Ernst Gotsch has been working them into his agroforet succession, when he
renews a field, with considerable success.  We are interested in creating
permanent systems for vegetables which mock the natural agroforest

Thanks a lot.


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