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Thu Mar 30 20:59:39 EST 2000

Hi Myk,

There always seems to be some 'expert' or other wanting to 'dis' comfrey- surely there's FAR more
evidence pointing to comfrey's beneficial effects than these 'scientific studies' that find comfrey
and just about anything else will cause you all manner of harm....

Even Lawrence Hills, comfrey PR man extraordinaire, cautioned against hoovering up too much of the
stuff at one time due to possible carcinogenic effects of allatoins- but surely moderation in all
things is the best policy- even my chips 'n' beer lifestyle needs to be tempered by the odd raw
food day!!!

Still growin' (and using) comfrey,

Graham Burnett
35 Rayleigh Avenue
Westcliff On Sea
Essex, UK

South East Essex LETS

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> Greetings
> I've posted an article which appeared in on 2000 March 2nd
> titled Scientists: herb known as comfrey can ruin liver, other herbs appear
> helpful...
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> The article is from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
> Caveat: This is for information I do not endorse its contents.
> Myk
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