bear and or mountain lion

Verne L. Chinampas moistearth at
Wed Mar 29 14:18:08 EST 2000

Sal asked:
>my friend has a bear that comes around when she is not there and takes
the door off the house .  its been back 3 times in daylight and also
when i was up there last there was a mountain lion in the drive.  what
is a good way to keep wild life back away from the house? is there a
noise maker or electric fence or what kind of dog or what size gun etc.

what would u all do.  she said she had a talk with the bear and told it
not to come back but it did.   I worry about her.  what do u do when u
face a bear or mountain lion?  

if she wants to be rid of this problem, she must finish the effort
which actually caused the problem: degrading zone 5 habitat which
forced normally reclusive animals into her zone 1 and 2. Until ALL
their essential habitat is completely destroyed, those pesky creatures
will try to survive even within encroaching suburbia, lights, loud
noises... After completely destroying any chance for them to make it,
her neighborhood will feel safe enough so that more people will move

It's a very common pattern, clearly effective.

Here's to progress,

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